Thursday, February 16, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 43: 1081-1091: Empress Grasus IV

I wanted to have more claimant/independece factions, so I removed all others, but that didn't seem to do much. I guess same religion, same culture, same dynasty, all de jure (due to fast drift settings) realm is just inherently stable. Other realms have modest amount of factionalism - the big destabilizing factor is the abolish title CB.

I guess it would be nice to setup complex factions like "defect to neighbouring country" revolt (which that country might join) or "force liege to switch religion" but that would take a ton of coding, and even more testing.

One easy change I did was enabling settle tribe (convert culture) steward job for non-tribals, and let it happen outside demesne. But mtth is so low and gold cost so high I'm not sure why even bother. So far not even one event.

Anyway, empress Gelenis died at age of 72, succeeded by her daughter Grasus IV, which sort of suggests that Prussian culture needs bigger name pool.

I tried to give a newly built temple to pope, which used to be a thing as long as you were at peace, but they apparently removed it from the game, I'm not even sure when, possibly long time ago. That's bad, as now I won't be able to quickly finish crusades.

Well, new ruler meant new plans:
* the usual tributary network
* border cleanup
* establishing viceroyalty of Volga
* establishing viceroyalty of Georgia
* pressing Buddhist claimaint for Galicia (who lost to faction rebellion by previous sultan in no time)

Weirdly Shia Caliph with one mosque and 509 soldiers decided to DoW me with his claim on Georgia which I usurped from him.

Buddhist moral authority fell a lot after modifiers for winning crusades expired, so that's something we'll have to work on later. At least Catholic finally fell below 100%, mostly thanks to an antipope.

Pope declared crusade for Italy, but I couldn't join it for a while, presumably because Italy had embargo war against Brittany, I had tributary war against Brittany, and Brittany was crusade's claimant.

Holy order couldn't join either, as Nubia used it to fight its vassals. Eventually overlapping wars ended, but it was slow and painful war. I guess I'll need to reduce numbers of Catholics a bit more.

After it died down a bit, I pressed Buddhist claimants for sultanate of Persia, emirate of Arabia (still ongoing), and emirate of Leon. Hopefully Persia will do just as well as Egypt and Nubia before. It's quite hard to intervene that far away.

I managed to eliminate Shia Caliphate, but Assassins spawned before that.

I somehow managed to get Buddhist claimant to inherit France and Asturias without a fight. Paris is Buddhist now.

My Eastern borders are pretty much where I want them to be as soon as I finish Mari. I think it might be a good idea to clean up Britain, Germany, Balkans, Caucasus, Anatolia, and Greece at some point - either for myself or for local Buddhist rulers.

That +1 health bonus from Vajrayana Buddhism and +1 from family focus really add up to change  how succession works
Repeated interventions for Buddhist claimants have low success rate, but add up

I get some counties, my vassals get some counties, borders are a bit cleaner now

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