Friday, February 17, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 46: 1098-1101: Her Horsiness Queen of Italy

I accidentally got kingdom of Africa. I was looking for claimants, and I forgot that when I press claim of someone of my dynasty, they become my vassal even if they start unlanded. Apparently her grandfather was a caliph.

I even got it without a fight - one of my tributaries held sultan hostage, so I got 100% as soon as I called them into war. You can no longer get free 100% when you hold someone prisoner - that was a neat trick - but it still sort of works.

I'm pondering making her independent as soon as that region is sufficiently safe.

Sultan of Egypt got overthrown, but the new sultana is his also Buddhist aunt now it's not a big deal... Oh wait, she's in regular marriage to Suomenusko Nenets... Well, hopefully she won't have any babies.

And she instantly lost to a second rebellion by getting herself captured, and some Sunni is now controlling Egypt. If I can lose it so suddenly after 62 years of Buddhist rule... that really discourages all the claimant business. This is even after I modded in some code so that rulers don't just autosurrender to claimant factions like in vanilla.

Fortunately that Sunni sultan died, and his younger Buddhist son inherited somehow, not his older Sunni son. Not sure how that works exactly.

After that I checked that there are 3 Sunni and 9 Buddhist claimants to throne of Egypt. Two couldn't be helped, but one was married to a landless guy, whom I invited and then made sure she had an accident.

And then, like that's not bad enough some Sunni Abbasid inherited Italy from her mother queen.

Well, claimant search again. The only one available was a Catholic Horse. Well, if that's what we have to work with. That was too much, so I landed her, so I could protect Italy from inevitable crusade every 30 years.

She doesn't look like a horse, but when I gave her some land she sure put horses in all the important positions.

And now I have two hereditary queen vassals - Africa has both Umayyads and Abbasids in line of succesion, but next one is a good Prussian Buddhist.

Italy has horse past foal-bearing age in charge, and next two in line are both Sunni Abbasids.

I'm not sure what to do with them - I might keep Italy out of necessity, as crusades will keep crushing into it, so I guess I could turn it into a viceroyalty at some point.

Africa I'm tempted to let loose, but it probably wouldn't be safe.

I managed to get pope to be my tributary again, as my tributary bishop became elected pope. He's 50, so if he somehow survives to 70+ he might actually delay the crusade, as he can't attack me now. Or maybe he'll declare it on someone else.

Due to badly treated camp fever I'll probably die soon, even with +1 health from religion, +1 from family focus, and +1 from pet cat I barely get +1.2, which at this age basically means arrange affairs for the successor.

I couldn't allow Sunni Italy and she was my only choice
In Crusader Kings, you just can't escape incest and horses

Horses in all positions of power

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