Monday, February 13, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 41: 1060-1070: Karma Wars

Catholic minors from Northern Pannonia took part in crusade, so they had to be punished.

Count of Spis decided to go Buddhist instead of losing his land - which reminded me that this is what I tried to mod when I started this campaign, but I didn't do a good enough job with it, so it still happens very rarely.

Sadly this prevents me from attacking 3 still Catholic counts beyond Carpathians on one side, Pest on another, and Spin on third. Later one of my vassals got a (probably fabricated) claim on Spis, pressed it, so I cleaned up the rest of the counts.

Also to deal with Catholics, I installed Buddhist claimant to Italy. Good that I did it in time - same dynasty had France, Brittany, Italy, and Sicily, and very soon after former king of Italy inherited Brittany to add to his leftovers Sicily.

I intervened for emitares of Sunni Baghdad, Shia Tigris, and Shia Jazara as well. So far my interventions in the Middle East didn't have much lasting power, but since Arabia is my tributary I might as well use them.

My claimant to Baghdad flipped Sunni when he got holy warred, so lasting power is pretty much as low as usual.

I didn't have any direct claims on either caliph, but I installed claimant for shia caliph's vassal emir of Derbent. After that he got some rebels, peasants, and Arab Empire attack.

Sunni emir of Kabyla got 45k horde, and took one of Sunni caliph's counties, and another from Brittany, but mostly he just sits there doing nothing.

Sunni caliph of 3 counties declared jihad on Egypt, which was sort of as if ISIS declared war on America. At least it finally got us to 100% moral authority. And not so long later he attacked Kabyla's horde. And then Egypt again for some guy's county claim. Like, seriously?

All my meddling reduced Sunni caliph to 3 counties, and Shia caliph to 4, half in revolt. There's a chance that I'll be able to destroy both caliphates completely sometime soon - and they once were two strongest countries in the world, or close to it.

Sadly my dynasty lost Kamarupa, they're reduced to a single vassal duchy there. India is completely controlled by Hindu - mostly ruled by Deccan and Bengal empires. West India is more divided, but Hindus expanded well into Afghanistan and Baluchistan.

I survived 80 years, I won't die to peasants now!
That makes succession awkward as my older daughter is 60, and younger is dead.

Aztec Empire is Mande Catholic tribal.
Italy and Egypt very slowly turning Buddhist.
Those North African Orthodox just lost to Sunni holy war.
Hindu completely dominant over India.

Bengal Empire emerged.
Kabyla event horde is even more lazy than Samos event horde.
Middle East suffers from a massive bordergore

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