Thursday, January 26, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 36: 1023-1030: Empress Grasus III

With my retinue (and even without the holy order, mercs etc.) I have army so massive - 62k - that my capital can no longer support them in winter. Fortunately my boats can. Also I discovered that neutral trade post gives -10% supply limit penalty, which is just silly.

Last thing Grasus II did was join Jain Arab Empire and sent all troops to Rome. Before they could disembark, she died, succeeded by her youngest daugther Grasus III.

Starting with rather mediocre 10/5/9/8/6, at age of 35, the states are not amazing, but there are ways to get better.

Sadly first order of business is to reestablish tributaries. It's such a hassle, it might be good idea to cut down their number to more manageable level, but then small ones usually surrender with little fight.

Even without bothering with Hordes and Far North, as they hardly generate any money, it took me 7 years to reestablish other tributaries, and I let two go with white peace as I really needed peace for more important things.

Sunni caliph tried to use his claim on Arabian Empire, but failed. Unfortunately my Jain emperor over there got himself a Sunni heir, so not much good will come out of it.

I studied Necronomicon for some culture tech, and got my majesty so high I was able to pass imperial administration. That means I'll be able to reorganize the realm with viceroyalties, but that will be a long process. And I have some other plans first.

Not the best ruler, but she's got ambitious plans

Crushed Crusade within month of her ascension 

Tributaries are so much hassle. Jain Arabian Empire project looks doomed.

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