Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 33: 997-1007: Building Spree

Apparently you can stack soup kitchens to get +2 relations with religious vassals per hospital, then another +2 for chapel. That's fairly expensive (1750 base for hospital, sick house, and 2 buildings), but as a Catholic 15k-ish gold for +40 with temple vassals (as well as disease resistance, purity etc.) might actually be a legit investment. For other religions, I doubt it.

As a good lunatic I worked on a flying machine, and I succeeded! It was only 50% death chance, and 50% chance of being known as Empress Grasus II The Cuckoo!

I also got rid of all the remaining council powers. With empress so amazing, who needs council?

My first daughter was married to king of Bavaria.
I married my second daughter to heir to kingdom of Kamarupa, on edge of the map.

My third daughter somehow got into regular betrothal with grandson of queen of Bohemia, via favor. I couldn't break it because of favor, but I could reject actual wedding - and fortunately the groom to be had a tragic accident. I married her to a Buddhist, as good karma has been foretold if I do that.

Weirdly my husband somehow got himself elected as doge of Genoa - I have no idea how that even happened. And he's Waldensian.

Jihads unlocked in 1000 as predicted, but neither caliphs seems interested in actually declaring one, in spite of plentitude of easy targets.

Finally after Nahua claimant conquered formerly Catholic Aztec Empire, Sunni caliph decided to declare Jihad for Africa. Well, previous one was my tributary, so I had a reason to help him. If they don't pay up, you're on your own.

Oh and on the subject, crusade timers apparently counts from its end (993), not beginning (980), so the next one is 1023, not 1010.

And I finally finished the building spree - other than 3 tribal holdings there's nothing left.

Renewed Jihads took them a long while to actually start.

 And they call me crazy!

Sunni and Hindu are very strong - mostly thanks to being so far away from me

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