Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 31: 978-989: The Black Death

I wrote a script to optimize find best construction sites (by number of existing sites and construction tech), but then again, apparently I already used up most of the obvious ones.

With ahistorically fast Mongols arrived ahistorically fast Black Deah. I had very high level hospital in my capital, and ring of decent level hospitals around it.

First news were June 978. By July 979 it reached our Black Sea province of Tmutarakan, but didn't go any further North.

It seemed like we might be safe, but by August 980 it crossed our borders via Constantinople.

By December 980 pope declared crusade for Jerusalem. I'd prefer if Catholics won to weaken Sunni Caliph, but worst case scenario would be if Francia managed to get it. Fortunately it was fighting independence revolt as well as de jure war with Bavaria, I decided to just let it go. And they might all die of plague anyway.

In April 981 it reached my demesne, so I decided to lead troops on trip to Iceland, as I couldn't shut the gates due to studying decision (from personal castle mod). I sort of didn't think about it.

In May 981 it reached my capital. In August 981 I returned home and shut the gates, but that was too late. My daughter got plague, so I asked my doctor to help her best he can - which he managed to do. And to throw away anybody else with the plague.

I took advantage of so many dying council members to stack the council and give back the ruler powers of war declaration.

In March 981 the plague started dying out in the Far East.

People suspected cats, so we did some research, and not only cats were innocent, I even got one as a pet for +1 health and +1 intrigue. Well, hopefully Mitten's better than Glitterhoof, who was not the best chancellor.

That wasn't good enough, as in September 982 I got the plague, and treatment cured it but cost me disfigurement. Fortunately stacking +1 family focus +1 digambara jain +1 pet cat let me survive this.

I thought nomad lands might be immune, but the plague reached there eventually. The only safe areas were India and Iceland.

I decided to spend time in seclusion partying, even though that cost me like twice the annual income. Apparently Death wanted to join, but I managed to fight her off!

Finally in February 985 the plague died off in my capital, so I left the seclusion as soon as possible. And then I got smallpox, but I survived without complications.

None of the major countries joined the crusade, so it's slowly failing. At least that delays jihads until 1000, which isn't actually that far away.

Important characters who died:
* Of my 2 sons and 2 daughtern, 1 son died, 1 daughter got plague but recovered.
* Emperor of Francia

That's an awfully short list compared with how many people die of flu each year. Seclusion is really too powerful, and AI just loves using it.

Not even Glitterhoof could negotiate with the Plague

The Plague reached our borders, but didn't expand from that one province. I thought we might actually be safe.

Pope's sense of timing is just amazing.

And it's home. We got this kind of event for every region.

Earliest infested provinces now becoming free of the Plague.

Falsely accused of spreading the Plague, Mittens just spreads purrs.

Fancy sprites.

Mongols seemed safe for a long while, but they got it too.

It's boring in the castle. Let's party!

Not even Death herself can get me!

Plague is almost over and the world is recovering. It wasn't actually half as bad as I expected, mostly thanks to seclusion mechanic.

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