Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 32: 989-997: Fall of Francia

There was more business to attend to. Bavaria was in succession mess.

After death of Trozza Trozza, it was inherited by his son Wenzel, but his bastard sister Irmele usurped it by force - and she was first married to a Buddhist Tocharian, then to Sunni Nubian, so succession was weird.

I invited Meinhard, legitimate grandson of Trozza Trozza, whose father died of the Plague, and prepared restoration. I made him abandon his silly superstition, and married him to my older daughter. I even gave them a county as a wedding gift, as one of my vassal dukes went crazy and switched to Hindu.

After my son-in-law got his birthright back, I built a castle in county of Lorraine, only to discover to my shock that Francia dares to claim Lorraine as de jure theirs. This insult was unforgivable, so I declared war to abolish this infidel empire.

He had 41k troops to mine 33k. And the whole war was extremely underwhelming - I got 99% from occuations of his undefended and depleted by plague demesne in Brittany - and got 3% from a battle with a random 5k stack.

That demoted Francia to double-kingdom of France and Brittany, with all non-de-jure lands falling off.

After that I got abolition CB on Austrasia - which was a good precaution, as they were held by same family, so they could reunify.

Also some de jure cleanup, and a lot of tributary wars. There was also interesting development in that duke of Burgundy created a kingdom of Burgundy, which was actually separate from de jure kingdom of Burgundy. So two of them exist.

All those wars took place under conditions of very low supply limit - as provinces depopulated by the Plague stack with winter (and often other modifiers to due Plague-related backruptcy) to get basically 0 supply (100 minimum).

After all this fighting, Prussia became unquestioned dominant power over all of Europe - only caliph and Indian blobs can really compete.

Crusade took a long time to officially fail, 980-993. I don't remember if timer starts from declaration or conclusion, so if next one's in 1010 or 1023.

Jihads are going to trigger in 1000, as North Africa is still Catholic under Aztec Empire.

As I was disfigured, and wore a mask anyway, I organized ridiculously expensive (seriously, scaling costs with annual income is so obnoxious, EU4 does it too, but CK2 is a lot worse) masquerade party. Sadly there were no fun events.

 I wish it was possible to make different CBs use different warscore scales, as this was the opposite of epic war.

 Mittens, no!!!
I don't think all that money did anything.

Fall of Francia meant massive bordergore.
For reasons of political expediency, I might designate oldest daughter as heir this time, as she's married to king of Bavaria.

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