Thursday, January 26, 2017

Prussian Amazons: Part 35: 1013-1023: Grasus the Old

I had no more mass building projects, so I recruited 13k Baltic Warriors pure heavy infantry retinue.

Emperer of Arabia Sa'ud was popping up babies left and right, so even though I got her oldest daughter married to my bastard grandson, the chance of Prussians getting control over Arabia is slim.

I was enjoying my old age, trying carousing focus, but events from that were really underwhelming.

What was left of Aztec Empire got conquered by tribal Catholics from  West Africa.

In 1023 the Pope called for another crusade - on Jain Jerusalem. This silliness can't stand.

Well, one more thing to do before I die I guess. Even with ultimogeniture my heir is 34.

As for my children:
* son Arelis - died of poor health at 43, his daughter is duchess of Smolensk
* son Nomedas - died of The Plague at 16
* daughter Gulbis - died "attending the chamber business" at age of 46, left 4 daughters who rule Bavaria, Jylland, and some minor titles.
* daughter Milyuns, 42 - duchess of Ostlandet, married to king of Kamarupa, so there's a chance our dynasty will get that remote kingdom. Her bastard son is married to oldest daughter of Arabian emperor, younger legitimate son is heir to Kamarupa.
* daughter Grasus, 34  - heir to Prussia, married to Sinhala Buddhist for good karma, has a son and a daughter

Queen of Bavaria hates me due to baseless accusations that I had something to do with death of her father, who tried to setup independence faction.

After a series of very short reigns, this one is a going too far the other direction.

Don't you have any Muslims or Aztecs to fight? 

Prussian culture spread quite wide even without modding, but then it's been very long campaign already.

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