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Kaiserreich Combined Syndicates of America

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#hoi4 #kaiserreich as Combined Syndicates of America.

So this time as red America. As usual soon as war started I rushed to grab as much land as possible. Before the enemies showed up I took Washington and New England, getting rid of whole frontline.

My enemies got a lot more volunteers this time, and compared with shitty militia everybody uses even a few divisions make a difference.

I could only advance with a series of relatively small pockets, but unlike AUS I had plenty of militias to hold all fronts, so I finished it by May 1937.

I had choice of 4 capitals - Chicago, New York City. Philadelphia, and Washington. Last one would cost me 100pp, so I kept Chicago.

After that WK2 started - Entente took over Panama Canal, and Mittleeuropa expanded to include both PSA and Russia, so basically I need to world conquest just to get my lands. WC it is then!

CSA probable deserves a nerf, they win every time even as AI. The key was grabbing land between me and AUS as well as New England - that would reduce frontline length and give me free troops to use offensively.

After that I basically advanced from Washington along the coast.

I need to fight all major factions. I inherited fraction of US navy, so even getting my troops over will be a challenge.

Third Internationale seems hopeless, and I'd rather not join a faction to avoid silly peace conference fails.

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#hoi4 #kaiserreich as Combined Syndicates of America.

First target was Yucatan Pact, ruled by Radical Socialists. I'm not entirely sure what's the difference between Radical Socialists and Syndicalists, but they're different, therefore there need to die.

My small navy was at least bigger than Mexican navy, and I had enough medium tanks for that parts of my army, so between two naval landings and come coastal advance it was crazy one sided.

Sadly I didn't occupy any tiles in Panama by the time they capitulated, so Panama needed a second war.

Pacific States of America ended up joining peacefully when workers' strike overthrew their government, so I might not have to fight Mitteleuropa.

Well, time for Entente. There was one naval doomstack battle where I lost 18 old destroyers, 1 light cruiser, and 1 heavy cruiser, while sinking 5 carriers, 7 battleships, 4 battlecruisers, 16 light cruisers, 4 heavy cruisers, 19 destroyers, and 43 planes. I wonder what happens to remaining planes on sunk carriers - knowing the game, they probably just return to storage.

I'm not even sure why it was so one sided. It was my whole fleet (except subs) vs only about half of Entente's fleet, and my ships were heavily damaged afterwards, but it was still unexpectedly good performance.

After that I discovered that ship repair is faster if I split damaged ships between naval bases - the opposite of how naval supply system works where highest level of naval base counts and others are ignored.

I've been trying to figure out naval combat system and it's super dumb. My doomstack fleet couldn't protect my convoys against a single ancient destroyer somehow.

I tried to use my naval and air supremacy to invade Newfoundland and Cuba somehow, but that was a disaster that cost me 9 divisions. Game having shitty interpretation of the orders (10 divisions attacking 3 tiles is always 8/1/1, ffs) had something to do with it, but generally small islands are far too difficult to take.

Fortunately I didn't have to do anything, as Austria managed to take Rome, kicking out last major Entente power out of the war, so all my work was done. Well, except Hawaii, but let's not worry too much about such minor things.

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