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Kaiserreich American Union State

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#hoi4 #kaiserreich as American Union State.

A nice thing about Kaiserreich is how neat and simple tech tree is after Road to 56. The less nice is how complicated focus trees are, so I needed to figure out what those choices even mean eventually.

The war was a lot of fun, fighting with militia, and nothing even resembling 7inf 2art. I had to leave gaps in frontline to even have enough 6militia units for some offensive. But my enemies suffered from similar shortages, I had a lot of military factories in my focuses, so I managed to win - first getting Washington, then going up Atlantic Coast, and then rolling West.

Mexico tried to use our civil war to grab some land, but that war stalled, so they got nothing.

After we won, just days before WK2, somehow 80% of US was not our cores, and it only slowly became it by events, events costing pp. I find this annoying.

I had some time to setup proper division templates and for increasing my armies drastically. Going from 2 to 80 mil factories feels good.

There were two probems - Pacific States joined the Entente, so any war of reunification meant conquering Canada. And French Syndicalists took Berlin, asking me to join Mitteleuropa and the war. How about no?

As Canada was the only major power in Entente, and their whole population is within a few day's walk from AUS border, I got not only Pacific States and Canada, but most of Entente's lands, where I setup a bunch of puppets.

Coming next - revenge on Mexico. Eventually I'll need to fix Europe, but I have fraction of original US fleet.

EDIT: And I got Mexico and Centroamerica, and couldn't be bothered to continue beyond that point.

So we start as least populous, and least industrial part of the US. Pope sent two divisions, but they did nothing. At least we got a lot of militia - 300k vs 500k each for both our enemies.

Quick land grab moved borders here. Maybe expansion West was a bad idea, and I should have focused exclusively on pushing North - I don't really have enough troops to even man frontlines I have, but then neither have my enemies.

The decisive fight - Syndicalist armies never recovered from losing that many divisions. 1 division of French volunteers delayed fall of Boston for months, as somehow volunteers ignore supply system, and it was regulars to my under-equipped militias.

After surprisingly quick war against Entente I setup own faction (needed console to invite own puppets). West India is in my faction as well. I think my best route to victory would be moving my armies to India and going to Europe from there - I don't think tiny African colonies will be of much use.

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