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Kaiserreich Brazil

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#hoi4 #kaiserreich as Brazil, goal is to dominate New World.

I often complain about events that cost pp, but "have civil war, also -800pp" went really too far. 5 divisions joined the rebels and 23 remained loyal, so war lasted only about a month, but that pp penalty was ridiculous.

So far the wars have been one big snoozefest - I can't switch to good conscription law or to war economy because the mod thinks my enemies are too weak. I guess I'll have to fight the Entente next - that's Canada, occupied Mexico, and some minors - including West India, Australia, and French Africa, so there's no way in hell this war will ever actually end.

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The game bugged out and peace conference against Panama (puppet of Centroamerica) had nothing to select.

Russia decided to join the Entente just days before capitulation of Canada to Soviet USA.

I got Mexico, but it ended up capitulating to nearly nonexistent Pacific States of America. The game is real bad at multi-side wars.

Then Soviet USA got Pacific States, so Americas are divided between two of us - with Entente, Netherlands, and independends holidng just a bunch of minor islands.

Time to make USA regret not building a wall. No idea if this game can ever end, since Russia is on list of enemies.
#hoi4 #kaiserreich

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Before the USA war:
• Brazil - 910k troops, 12k artillery, 5k medium tanks, 720 planes, 5 awful ships
• Soviet USA - 2389k troops, 3k artillery, 80 obsolete tanks, 3800 planes, 26 ships
• Entente - 6591k, 7k artillery, 540 obsolete tanks, 2500 planes, 233 ships

AI has build prioritie which seem totally crazy to me - just drafting a lot of peasants, giving them rifles, and hoping for the best.

Meanwhile my army is 16th largest, behind even Ukraine and Poland and barely ahead of Ireland and Finland. But heavy equipment - we sure have it. We have 1.8% of world's soldiers, but 10% of world's artillery, and 30% of world's tanks - actually every single medium tank ever produced.

Supposedly next patch will fix AI templates to use medium tanks, but they've been claiming that every patch.

The war with Soviet USA took nearly a year - it was pure 6mar+2art+1mtank advance. I got first pocket of about 10% of their units in Veracruz before frontline stabilized properly.

Then inland Mexico is all mountains, so I sent one push along West Coast - which wasn't stopped until Portland, and another push along East Coast, which went a lot slower. I couldn't really push into mountains in between, but I got two big pockets by just joining coastal snakes together.

Key to the strategy was extreme abuse of strategic redeployment - I can make my armies move ridiculously fast - far faster by any dedicated mobile divisions (which I couldn't really afford anyway) - by strategically redeploying them. The downside is that their organization goes down to 10%. But space marines at 10% org still wreck all but most dedicated enemy - and after they arrive org regain in extremely fast.

Maybe someday they'll patch those overpowered tactics and I'll have to fight fair.

If Russia didn't join, it would end all my wars. Since Russia is at war with nearly every other faction (including even Turkey which survived in just Constantinople while piling up Russian bodies trying to force the straits), I probably could just wait a few years for them to collapse without doing anything.

But that would be boring, so let's just call it a success.

On picture Soviet USA day before surrender.
#hoi4 #kaiserreich

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